Saturday, February 5, 2011

Riding Log: Day 14 (Back Yard Sesh)

I could say this doesn't count as a day on the hill but the amount of sweat and fun involved requires a blog.

Today was a rainy one. The snow was deep but with a hard icy crust on top. The local hills were turning their chairs but the roads were a sheet of ice and my baby bro just got diagnosed with an ear infection. So we opted for some backyard fun.

We got into some gear, grabbed the shovels and built ourselves a little kicker behind the house. It was only about 2 feet high but I thought it was the perfect setting to show the kid's proper safety and technique and taking a job on their board (a far cry from their skis).

K and I built it up but realized it was too high with not enough steepness to get over the kicker ... so we shallowed it out. Amanda came out just as we finished. We all strapped in and took turns hitting the kicker while our Mom & Grandma watched from the window. Soon enough the rain started to pick up so we headed inside. It was definitely fun... and painful. Too bad we didn't have Pauly Wally with us.

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