Saturday, February 12, 2011

Riding Log: Day 16 (Thunder Ridge) & Panda's Birthday

Today is A's 12th Birthday and I couldn't be a prouder big sister. She's 12 going on 22 I sweat it. She has a heart of gold and her skiing and snowboard skills ain't bad either.

Last night, I drove to Bellerose to pick up Jomel & Paolo and then off to Manhattan to pick up Paul who took the bus down from Boston for her birthday. They are like bestests after all. We got up there late but went to bed fairly early knowing we were riding the next day. My Mom made us palichika with nutella, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream for breakfast. It was definitely a chocolaty feast!

We got to the hill a little late but since we had all our gear it wasn't terrible. We grabbed our lift tickets and headed up. The day consisted of a lot of random jumping, some time in the terrain park where K did his 1st box on a snowboard, lot's of K meltdowns, eating and bathroom breaks. It was very windy and cold with the sun decided to sneak behind the dark clouds and we had moments of snow. All in all it was a fun day with lots of progression and goofing off on the little local hill.

After 2, Lauren and Bryan showed up and we all rode together. Lauren and I switched decks for a run which proved hilarious. I kept falling thinking I was riding with the shortest stance on the smallest board ever and she couldn't turn and went totally fast because of the longer length of mine. It was definitely hilarious.

We ended the day at 5 and headed home for Amanda's birthday feast. We had Chili with cheese, steak fajitas and a whole turkey! It was great. At around 8:30 my aunt and uncle and 2 more cousins came... so they ate (and I ate again), we did chocolate cake and banana cream pie (Amanada's fav) and then we all kinda just sat and talked and relaxed. Amanda struggled to keep those eyes open and finally came around and said thank you and good night to everyone ... she was spent and knew we had another fun filled day of riding ahead of us.

She's a big girl but she's still my baby sister.

Yes, she was tired after the long day - and so were we

Getting that Nomis hoody was definitely a surprise. Can you see the delight in her face and the excitement in K's?

Reading a Birthday Card

Showing off the satin lined hood

A bamboo fiber panda shirt for my Panda

After a failed attempt to smash her face into her banana cream pie - we decided a little wrestling was in order

One happy birthday girl (now lets eat cake!)

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