Monday, February 14, 2011

Thought Question for today

I think this question is a stupid one. Just because one is isolated doesn't mean they are alone. I also think it's particularly harsh to come out on Valentine's Day. I know a lot of people take the being alone on V-day thing very hard.

Anyway... I love having some alone time. There were many nights where I cherished the night Paul worked late. I'd walk to a local restaurant (that I frequented more alone than with him). I'd order a glass of wine, an appetizer and a nice fish dish. I'd sit outside in the summer and inside in the winter with a book in hand and read and ponder as I eat and sipped. I loved those nights. I loved my alone time.

But of course... there are nights and days where I'm simply lonely. And I seem to deal with them much the same way I deal with my cherished night's alone but with less pizazz. I curl up on the couch after eating a take out or home cooked meal that I ate while watching something on the DVR. I then curl into bed or stay on the couch and read... and read... and read for hours on end. And in reading ... I find I'm not as lonely as I was. It's like the characters have become my company.


T0xa said...

That is a really productive and educational way to deal with lonely nights. Respect. I wish I could say the same thing about me. I usually just end up playing online poker...

Lilia said...

Nothing wrong with some online poker once in a while. I have my nights where I veg and watch TV the entire night till I'm sleepy. Nothing productive or educational about those nights.

All things in moderation... even moderation itself (as my bro-in-law loves to say)