Sunday, February 13, 2011

Riding Log: Day 17 (Hunter Mountain)

Today we woke up at a bright 5:50 and started to stretch and yawn and wake up the kids. A few groggy bodies got up and began to put on their thermals. My Mom made us scrambled eggs, corned beef hash and toasted rolls. We stuffed our faces and then headed out on the road... after successfully fitting an abnormal amount of gear in the car tetris style)

We got there, got geared up and headed on in. It was a great day. The small one's skied and the big ones rode in order to take full advantage of the entire hill. We all tested ourselves on the ice and I think almost everyone had at least 1 good spill. K really progressed on his mogul skills. A proved herself on the icey steeps, Paolo is definitely getting better and keeping up with the rest of us, Jomel is hardly noticeable which means... he qualifies as hanging with the big boys, Paul practiced his butters and spins and I managed not to knock myself unconscious on this freak fall. Raquel needs some work... her knee is still healing so no one wants to push her... and we shouldn't. She's getting so much better but her knees can only take so much. Hopefully she's all healed up next year and we can really put her to the test.

All in all we had a grand time. We drove home and everyone fell asleep (except Paul of course - he drove). We had left overs upon getting home and we stuffed our faces, packed our bags, grabbed MY and said bye to my Mom and the kids... and headed to Queens where I had a blissful tired sleep.

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