Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Wedding - Rehearsal Dinner

So ... January 8, 2011 I became Paul's wife... and he my husband. It was a pretty big day and I wanted to wait to post anything about it... wait until I had photos... wait until I had my wits about me... but I find myself forgetting... forgetting all the details. So to sum it up I'll just say a few things.

The rehearsal dinner was great. Everyone had a good time. The wine flowed and though the restaurant messed up the menu slightly, I think everyone was both happy, full and impressed. The few who weren't - well really... I can't bother to be upset. It's supposed to be a time to think happily and it's supposed to be a time to be grateful. After all, those guest who weren't thrilled... well they shouldn't have come. After all, we didn't have to provide a meal for them the night before the wedding. We wanted to. They were more then welcome to explore the many places in town if they wished... and save us the money to boot. Okay enough bitterness.

I definitely didn't order the best item on the menu but I was happy. I had fun. It was nice for everyone to meet and talk before the big event. I wish they did a better job of it though. On a night like that, you really hope that your friends and respective families have enough sense and confidence to walk around and in a sense... introduce themselves. After all, you are playing host, you are playing bride & groom, you are ... you are the center of everything. And you are in charge of the party itself as well. You are busy, you are overwhelmed, and you are tired. In the end... the rehearsal was almost more tiring than the wedding itself. But... we were surrounded by people who really count. So at the end of the day... I smiled.

At the end of the evening we went to the room. Paul had to collect his things and head to Andy's room. We weren't going to see each other again until I reached the church aisle. It was thrilling and frustrating... there was much to do that evening... much I did alone. But that's how things go. I recognized the want in Paul and Andy to spend that night together... yes hanging out with friends but also... just being brothers. I didn't want to step in the way of that. I did hope the girls... my sister, cousins and friends would come by. Maybe suggest something to do. And some did... but mostly to discuss what needed to be done for the wedding... yes they graciously helped me set up the welcome tables.

In the end.. it's okay, but I felt jipped a little bit. No bachelorette party, no bridal shower, no night before girl time. But in the end ... none of that mattered... because I was getting married right? I won't lie... I'm still jealous Paul got more of a wedding experience than I... but I guess I'm happy he did. I'm happy for him... more happy than jealous. In hindsight I would have planned it all better... but there was so much to plan already... things like your own happiness and relaxation... socializing in general - gets kind of forgotten.

Our Cake - Yellow with Chocolate Pudding and Vanilla Frosting

Yeah- we are a happy couple

My family!

Best Friends & Sisters to boot!

He loves me... and that means I'm blessed!

Paul & My Mommy!

Me & My Mommy!

The Rios Clan!

Paul's Family! (less a bunch)

With the Argentina Clan!

& we cut the cake!

This is me laughing at my striking a pose

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