Sunday, February 27, 2011

Riding Log: Day 20 (Hunter)

I had nothing to do this weekend. I wanted to take the bus to Okemo but no one would come... so I found myself staying up late to do very little on Friday night. On Saturday, I decided I'd visit the kids and ride with them on Sunday. So off to Hunter we went.

We got there at 9:30 and headed to the lift. We did a warm up on a short blue then headed to the top. It was the kids 1st day riding anything but Thunder and they did great! A doubted herself as usual but K was all for it and excited too.

Burton was there on their demo tour and once finding out they had the chopper in a 100cm we headed to the line... but it was 45 minutes long... so we gave up and did a few more runs on our own gear. Then we went back to find it had shortened. K LOVED his 100cm chopper and begged... er begs me to buy it for him. A liked the rockered feelgood but decided she likes the control she gets from her cambered board. She also did not like the lexa bindings instead enjoying her roxy's. It's all preference and at their level, I was just surprised she could feel a difference.

We rode till about 3 when the kids said they were ready to go home... so we took to the rode and got home in time for dinner.

I was exhausted and decided to stay the night.

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