Sunday, February 6, 2011

Riding Log: Day 15 (Thunder Ridge)

So today we were a determined group. The kid's snowboard camp had been canceled week after week for weather advisories. So I promised that we'd get to that hill. I'm glad we did. The day was warm and the snow was slush... almost like a spring day. It was forgiving for the kids to try some new things.

The kid's progressed so much in the last few weeks. They said they'd like to toss their skis and stick to snowboarding from now on but I'd never truly allow that. I want them to be a jack of all trades... at least now while they are young and maybe make a choice when they get older. I have a feeling right now they just like snowboarding because it's what we do.

We ended up calling it a day a little bit early in order to pick up my grandma and drive back to Queens. She and I had a date with her couch to watch the super bowl.

All and all it was a great day... another day where the kid's truly impressed me.

And oh yeah... K decided he'd show me how he can do a great tail press... he said he'd show Paul next week.

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