Friday, August 14, 2009

Closed Invitation: Snowboarders Only

So as cyclical consistency would have it... the summer is soon coming to a close and with that a snowboard trip is planned. It seems to be the normal seasonal responsibilities for me... In the winter, I plan my summer vacation... in the summer, I plan my winter vacation. This year - it's slightly different.

This has become more tradition... it used to be just me and Paul traveling for some snow... or even him alone when I worked for the Man (PwC). But now, it's become a "family" event... or open invitation.

Year One:
Steamboat Springs:

With Andy, Paul, Melissa, Car & Eric... 3 "couples" ... all different abilities. Paul is the snowboard nazi... he's good, he's competitive and he usually owns the mtn. Andy is good, confident, FAST & tries everything! Eric had done it a few times, had some skill, but would try almost anything you put in front of him including a few jumps. Car had done it a bunch but didn't push herself, relaxed, rode scared, and hardly tried to improve her form. Melissa... well it was her VERY 1st time! And me... well I'd been doing it long enough to get down the mountain in 1 piece... but I fell a lot - but I tried hard... pushed myself through greens, blues, double blues and a few blacks... rode bowls, narrow trails, wide trails, powder and even did my 1st box. I ain't gonna front, I was no betty - but I did my thing and was pretty proud of myself. Car helped me get there... constantly pushing me... funny she didn't push herself. From there we met up with Steve - a skier - and had 3 days of family-ish atmostphere... Me, Paul & Steve... riding hard during the day, eating, having a few drinks and passing out.

Trip 2:
Whistler Blackcomb:
With Paul, Jerry & Joe... a smaller group indeed - and all boys but me. Now on this trip everyone was of a similar ability... i.e. GOOD! Then there was me... I wont lie - I didnt push myself has hard. I was intimidated. I was scared. But I tried SOMETIMES... I could have done better... I should have done better! At night we all got together, ate a big meal, drank LOTS of beer, joked around, scoped for chicks (for the single boys) and made fools of ourselves. We were the life of everyone elses party... I mean we were from NY and we like to party! We like attention! And we like to laugh. Then there was Joe... not a spoiled sport but kind of like the weakest link in the after snow dept... well he irked me... no long invited on my vacations. FAIL! Party poopers and party putter-downers are generally not welcomed in my party!

Trip 3 - coming soon:
Colorado? Steamboat Springs? Location TBD:
So this time, it's not me planning... well not per se. Andy and Paul took the reigns and made some rules... only 2 really. Rule #1 - Snowboarders ONLY. Rule #2 - Party-ers ONLY! And the all encompassing line... NO BITCHASSNESS! As Andy said - we should make T-Shirts.

I asked what makes a snowboardER... I mean... do I qualify? Does he? So this is how Andy explained it:
"See the requirement isn't so much so you can drink like a college rockstar or ride like an x-gamer. It's more so the attitude. Do you really want to ride? Are you a snowboarder or is it just something you want to try?"

I was scared... I was like... I'm not good but he assured me I'm getting there and that the point is that I WANT TO RIDE... I really breath the winter air just so I can strap in and ride!

Andy closed with:
"If the season past and you didn't go, you'd be sad/pissed or a combination thereof"

He's right! So what makes you a SnowboardER or any ER (kayaker, skier, swimmer?)... it's more than your ability... it's your passion. It's your priorities. It's your attitude. Do you have it? Can you hang?

When I started riding... I was left alone a lot... learning - it's cool... I can hang now. I can ride with the boys and keep up (sort of). I fall, sometimes I cry, I bitch... but I don't bitch out! I smile and sweat and strain and I work hard to do better. My biggest fall back is the mental hump... FEAR. I'll still keep on working on it! You can be a beginner... but love the sport... so it doesn't matter if you are left alone... all you need is some sweet snow, a lift ticket, some boots, a board set up... and you are ready to go! No goggles... no worries! No hate... you'll deal! No lunch... you'll figure it out! No company... you needs 'em!

Are you a snowboarder?

Is it how you dress or how you ride?

not gonna lie though... I'm worried I'll be stuck alone again... no girls, no intermediates... no buddy... no fun! I hope it doesn't become Whistler II

Carving out in the deep pow

Running through the trees

Tearing it up like Shaun White

Kicking ass like Torah Bright

Or maybe it's your 1st time and you are hitting it like my little bro!
(click on it to see the video)

From 02.16.09 - Amanda & Kyle Snowboard

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