Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wish List

  • Laptop/Netbook - to let me study on the go! I may get my grandma's old laptop which would reduce waste and spending!
  • Kitchen Rack - I actually might need this more than the laptop/netbook because my kitchen is not somewhere I want to be i right now... not without it. I want my shelving soon! Maybe I can convince Paul to go with me on Sunday.
  • Kitchen Garbage - I'd like to wash out my current one and use it for dirty dish rags since its too small and get a larger one for our kitchen purposes. I'd love to get a recycling basket too but that's not a priority.
  • Facial Cleansers, Toners & Lotions... natural & organic - I'm almost all out of my moisturizer & toner and I have some wash left but its irritating my face so I may need to use it just on my body (it's for both) so I am thinking I may need some replacements. I'm considering Kiss My Face brand products. Particularly: Shea Soy cleansing bar, Balancing Act Toner, & The NEW Brighten Day Cream with SPF 4 - that still needs to go on the market.
  • $$$ - to continue with my physical trainer, I think its doing me wonders in the health department
  • Sewing lessons - How I want to improve my pitiful skills
  • Glass Food Storage - I'd like to replace all my plastic Tupperware style storage with glass covered storage
  • A Lap for my livingroom - The computer corner and table are so very dark... too dark to read or sew
  • Storage Baskets - to keep some craft stuff in
  • A thrift store bowl and cup - to keep at work for cereal and coffee. I keep stealing from the bistro and returning them, but its such a bother to get to. And I cannot use paper cups, its so wasteful.
Materialistic wise that's really about it... So I guess I cannot complain

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