Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Changes

These are roses we brought home from Lauren's centerpieces. The Hydrangeas did not survive but these pink roses are hanging on. See the vintage thrift store vases? That crochet piece was done by Paul's Abuela. And my Great Grandma's favorite flower was the pink rose. A little tribute to them? This Saturday (my grandma's 1 year anniversary of his death) I will replace them with his favorite... red roses.

Before Paul left we rearranged a few things. Things I'd been talking about doing all summer. We at least started. It's so nice when you envision something and it actually works.

Our dining table from the UWS apartment was folded into a nook in the kitchen. We couldn't even sit at it. Now its in the corner of our livingroom... useful! That corner is a bit dark though. I may need to buy a lamp... or just put down some candles!

This book case was where the table now is. I moved it into the foyer. It looks great there. I love that I can see whats in it now. I can actually admire my books, frames and knick knacks (ignore the stack of frames - they have yet to be hung).

This is my messy kitchen. I have to tidy up for sure. I moved the fridge and microwave cart to where the table was. Now I can put up shelving where these pieces used to be to hold some nice dishes, canisters & supplies!

And lastly the bedroom. Instead of my little plastic tub, we now have our livingroom end tables acting like side tables. On each side rest the lamps we purchased at TJ Max for $30 each. They didn't fit our new CFL bulbs so I flipped the shades over and it worked!

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Kat said...

I like those changes!! Can't wait to see it for real!