Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday @ the MET & Asia de Cuba

Really thinking or just a poser?

Our last Sunday... we had a slow start. I was a bit disappointed, but once we got moving it proved to be a nice day. We started out driving to the MET where we looked at Art ... old and new. Around 1:15 we were getting a little hungry so we walked over to Serafino's where we had some pizza, a salad and the bellini I'd been craving for a while. Then it was back to the MET.

These are URNS! Aren't they beautiful?

After getting our fill of art we drove over to the Time Warner Buildings where we went to Borders and of course I spent another obnoxious amount of money on books - oh how I love to read. I'm reading "The World Without Us" - Alan Weisman right now. It's a non-fiction explaining what will happen to the world after the human race perishes. It's actually very interesting... nature is stronger than we think. They will reclaim this world and make it like we hardly ever existing. Erasing our mark in only a few centuries. Too bad our effects on the climate will always change what tomorrows will bring.

Knight in shining armor?

A quick run through Wholefoods where we left not wanting to wait on line... we headed down to Asia de Cuba. A favorite of ours. After a few drinks and a few dishes... we were stuffed! We drove home where we cuddled till I left for work the next day.

Real women have curves!

The annual date night car shot... Paul looks so cute in this picture!!

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