Friday, August 21, 2009

NY METS + Citi Field

So Citi Field - it's not my bag. I miss Shea... where I knew where everything was... where I had history... where I grew up... my ball park.

Citi Field is nice... and the seats are really good as far as view is concerned... but really? It was less ball park and more attraction... with big screen TV's, restaurants, batting cages and games? I found that hundreds of people weren't even watching the game! It was just not the same.

After getting off the 7 train and meeting up with Paul, Lauren and Bryan... a few beers and many laughs - we had a blast. We ate some ball park food at the stadium and then headed out after the game. Where we sat in the lot, polished off the rest of our cooler and went home.

I had a great time- I love my sister and love how loose and carefree she was able to be. Who cares if she doesn't really follow baseball - she appreciates it.

The season for the Mets is basically done... with everyone on the DL and losing one game after the next... I guess there is always next year.

Group Shot (Bryan, Lauren, Me & Paul)

Lauren & Bryan

Me & Paul

Me pouring beer on Lauren & Paul giving me a wedgie at the same time - action shot!

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