Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lauren's Bridal Shower

Was A LOT of work. But it was a hit. After 4 nights strait of high stress and very little sleep we pulled it off.

We got the "trick Lauren Sign" done as well as the Congratulations sign. We purchased the vintage vases. Picked up the flowers. Picked the menu. Put together the party favors. Printed the photo sheets. Bought the well wish book. Printed out the games we never played. And had that table stocked full of gifts.

The event turned out great. The food was good. The wine went down smoothly. The desert and coffee were yummy. The waiter was a sweetheart. And the best and most important part - Lauren LOVED it!!!

But apparently my Mom did not. She was not impressed with the food or the service or the company. I think you can shower her with diamonds and she'd complain that they were too shiny. I will need to learn how to NOT let myself get upset because its not me but her who is unhappy with all things in life.

In any event - I'm happy... because my baby sister is happy and she had a blast!

Oh yes and she was truly surprised... we pulled it off!!!

Some pictures:

The sign - isn't it artsy?

Lauren after she walked in and heard "SURPRISE"

My mom wanting to take a picture like the AT&T more bars commercial I guess

The Bridal Party

And of course that stupid hat

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