Friday, August 7, 2009

Pains in my ass

Family is not always a gift... more often than not, in my family - they are simply a burden.

I don't get why people always gossip and why people always think everyone is out to get them.

I sent out 40 invitations to an event which clearly had address labels, event name, title and RSVP date and contact info... If this was not received for any reason (loss in the mail, loss on your table, loss due to flood, loss at all) but you KNOW about the event and KNOW that you are invited - doesn't it make sense to pick up the phone and RSVP anyway? Does it make sense to feel slighted as if you were never invited... you've already been told you were... for the love of God ... your family is part of the wedding party!

Ugh, I hate the BS

Which solidifies that fact that when I do get married... my family is NOT invited.

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