Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday @ Robert Moses

Being that it was Paul's last Saturday before he moves to Cambridge, we decided we should spend the entire weekend together - just the two of us. We had a really good time. For a change of scenery we decided to go to Robert Moses instead of Jones. I had high hopes but they were dashed...

When we arrived the first thing I realized was that there were no big waves. I LOVE waves. They are what makes the beach fun. Then upon getting into the water I came across seaweed - the Monday before, Jones was seaweed free. Then I felt something bite my arm... there were little water bugs in the water - EWW! Paul said they didn't bite but then why did I feel a pinch - TWICE! Other people complained as well - I can't find what they are on the internet but yuck!

We took a long walk in the SWELTERING sun to the tip to fly Paul's training kite for kite boarding. It was fun but just too hot. After a few minutes I needed water and shade so we walked back.

We had a fabulous lunch of Spanish Ham (his mom brought from Spain for us), Cheese, Olives, Hummus, Bread Sticks and water. The followed by bananas and cherrys - we were happy people. More water, a few games of "paddle" ball and then home bound!

That night we had a nice simple dinner at Fatty's in Astoria and went home to have a nice evening.

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