Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Physical Trainer

So yesterday was day 2 of the gym... day 2 of my Physical Trainer and it went a lot better than day 1.

My Gym is Ballys and my trainers name is Mike. He's a great guy on the gym floor but a little rough around the edges in the office. My 1st day's experience was a bit confusing... He pushed me hard but not too hard working out every single part of my body until it looked like I'd collapse... in only 40 minutes. We called it quits early- which was a blessing because I was so ridiculously sore the next day ... through Saturday.

So I'll share a little secret with you... I weigh 156 lbs... this is the second time I've ballooned over 152 AND my BMI is about 29 which is very very high and very unhealthy AND my body fat % is close to 45%. That's almost 1/2 of me being fat. So I may not have looked too bad, but I am definitely unhealthy.

After my session he said that it will take me about 20-24 sessions to lose the weight I need to lose and to get to the point I can call myself healthy but I'd have to work really hard. There is one problem, I only paid for 4 sessions, not the recommended 20. I just don't have that expendable income right now. I want to continue working with him despite his near meltdown at my mention of a measly 4 sessions but really - how can I afford him. I have my sister's wedding coming up, her shower just passed, and Paul just moved throwing all the bills on my lap. I need to think about it... but I do want it bad. I want so many things... but I feel a huge improvement from only 2 days with him... imagine 20!

So yesterday I met him promptly at 6 and he worked me out hard... at least to me... he said he's still going pretty easy on me. Some things I was just simply not coordinated enough to do. Other things, I did with a bit more ease than last time (planks!) but my triceps are non-existent... and that hasn't yet changed. After doing 1 hour of strength training (and I mean he worked out everything but my ear lobes) I had to do 30 minutes of cardio. I asked him if that was realistic, I mean I just started... could I do 30 minutes right after an hour of hell? He said if I had to do 15 minutes, take a break, and continue to 30... well guess what... I did 30 minutes strait and I wasn't even crying about it. I never could have done that last week. I mean, I do get bored on cardio which means I'm my own worst enemy... so I need to remember my ipod and maybe my CPA review books or something - boring to some but very important to me right now.

So aside from seeing him twice a week for 1 hour of strength training and 30 min of cardio, I must go twice on my own to do 1 hour of cardio each time. I will go tonight and try and get on an elliptical. The lines for the machines are ridiculous so if its too crowded maybe I'll do what I can and come back later. It's nice living down the block.

So lets see if I can keep this up. I really am loving how my body feels because of it. And I love knowing I can do it... because I can... now if only my bank account supported this.

He's working me hard. I meet with him twice a week to


Kat said...

Good for you! It was really hard for me on the first day, too. I wanted to cry because I had such a hard time finishing one weight loss cycle on the elypital. (Spelled wrong, I know.) But, the second day was so much easier. And I'm sure it will only keep getting better from here! And I like the fact that you're doing it for YOURSELF! That's the best!! =) GO YOU!!

By the way, I just saw your photo collage and I like!!

Lilia said...

Thanks! I wish we were at the same gym so we can go together!

The collage was a quick thing, I only had the pics i have here on the work PC - I need to do one at home with more of my pics