Monday, May 24, 2010

My Travel Bucket List

I decided it's time I wrote a travel bucket list... it's so big on my list... it deserves a list all on it's own.

So let me start by saying these are in no particular order:

  • To feel the mist of the Iguazu Falls on my face
  • To feel the soles of my boots against the ice of Pantagonia
  • To discover Alaskan wild life and natural structures via kayak
  • Surfing lessons in Ocean County, CA
  • To hike to the last sector of Machu Picchu in Peru with a local guide, food for the trip, and a shelter
  • To ride the snow of Cerro Cathedral in the Andes in Argentina
  • To have a private yoga lesson, on a beach, in a park, somewhere natural... the real yoga, the spiritual and physical experience are all important to me
  • To crawl through the tight spaces of Mammoth Cave while taking the Wild Cave tour
  • To munch on fresh sardines after a swim in the Adriatic Sea on the Croatian Coast
  • To explore the baltic region via plane, boat and rail
  • To cheer for Barcelona during a home match and then exploring the tastes, sounds and sites
  • To wake up to the sun and waves and walk out of my private over the water home... into the sea
  • To shield my eyes as I stair up at the tips of the Egyptian pyramids
  • To go on an African Safari
  • To go on a tour of the Australian Outback
  • To explore the beaches on Palawan Island in the Philippines
There are so many more on this list... but it's exhausting me just thinking it... and knowing that I'd be lucky if even 1/2 of these things even occurred in my life.

For now... I'll shoot small... camping in upstate NY anyone?

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