Sunday, January 30, 2011

Riding Log: Day 13 (Park City)

Today is our last day in Park City. We usually have the attitude of go big or go home.... leave it all at the hill... but this time, it was more of a progressive day.

The snow was pretty hard and the wind was picking up. The trees were tracked out and the crowds were pretty insane. We began our day riding where we seemed to start every day. We did a few runs with AMac and then decided it was more of a progression day. Andy practiced some switch on some fairly high speed groomers. I worked on keeping my knees out and bent while really using my edge to carve, my tail press, my nose press, and a sideways tail press. I also worked on my ollies. And Paul taught himself 2 new tricks... one was a legit butter and the other was some sort of spin thing.

We basically just did groomers working on our respective goals all day. We called it a day around 2:20, needing to change, eat and head to the airport.

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