Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camping was... interesting

I ultimately had fun. I won't let any about of brattiness ruin my good time when I worked so hard. But it was definitely disappointing and definitely an eye opener. I realize now what I do and don't want from the people I chose to surround myself with.

The #1 thing is that those people respect myself, each other & my friends... even themselves. There was a lot of that NOT happening this weekend and disappointingly enough, mostly from my own family. I don't think it will be happening again, because I honestly don't think I'll be inviting all of them again. If I plan a group camping trip again at all. It was frustrating and angering to say the least.

#2 - Indoor people... should just NOT go on a camping trip. If you will yell and scream over ever bug or 3 leaf plant you see... stay home. Because you will get bug bites, you will likely get poison ivy or oak and you probably will end up with a sunburn. You will likely be dirty and covered in dirt and you'll likely have to get your hands dirty multiple times. No one really cares about your manicure.

#3 - Lazy people. Time and time again the same people do everything on camping trips. I won't lie... I take charge much of the time... part of it is because I'm anal and a control freak, part of it is because I don't feel that I can actually boss people around, and mostly it's because everyone else is too busy just sitting there and not being useful to help.

#4 - Attitudes... in general we all have them and they all come out but if they are there and they are lingering... and this is you and you know this is you... stay the hell at home... because no one wants to stare at your sneering face all day and night.

Those are the main things at least... there are of course more.

So who knows... maybe it's true you can't mix friends with family... maybe it's true you can't mix smokers with non-smokers... or maybe it's true... that you just need to start inviting people who have exceptional track records on camping trips... because lets admit it... there is no escape from those who are pissing you off.

Thank God for the outgoing and tollerable people on this trip. I didn't love any single person 100% of the time but there were definitely people there who make the effort, try and have a good time, and smile often. Those are the people who make any trip successful. I'm grateful for THOSE people. The rest... well they can stay home next time around.

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