Tuesday, June 14, 2011


OCM is the Oil Cleansing Method. I actually never heard of it. It basically means you don't use soap or cleansers on your face and instead wash your face off with soap. It assumes that oil dissolves oil. Anyway, you rinse your face with warm water, massage a combination of castor and carrier oil onto your face in upwards motions, let it sit for a few seconds and rinse off with a clean water soaked washcloth.

I'm curious to try it.

I'm already going no poo and frankly I've seen no real difference in before and after going no - poo. My head is still just as itchy and my scalp still seems dry similar to when using shampoo, so I may start using less baking soda & maybe add tea tree oil to my scalp. My hair however looks great. It is less frizzy after proper washings and falls in nice waves. I've felt comfortable wearing it down much more often. I'll still need to play around with the ratios and maybe even blend a oil treatment for my stubborn scalp. I hope it's not a fungus based dandruff (but it may be). I've had it for years and don't know what to do ... so gross.

Anyway, I still have a bit of Lancôme CRÈME Radiance Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser which works well enough (and smells great) but once that is done, I may give this a go.

Going no soap is something I don't necessarily intend to do. I do feel better cleansing my skin (especially after being all sweaty) with soap. We have made tons of soap for our wedding and still have more Glycerin Soap Base to make more. I intend to finish up that huge 25 lbs of soap before I purchase more though... with one exception. I did purchase a new bar of Dr. Bronner's Unscented Baby Soap this past weekend to replace the one that went mysteriously missing. I use this mostly only to wash my Diva Cups and honestly, it lasts years because of it.

So now you basically know my routines in the most intimate of ways... scary.

If you want to learn more about the OCM - check this out or just google it.

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