Thursday, June 16, 2011

Screaming Asian Baby!

I stepped into the train things morning and stood in the last car as usual. There was an Asian family sitting in front of me... a father, small child, and mother. The child immediately started screaming and yelping and talking in a foreign language. I figured, kids are loud, it happens, it's kids being kids. I'm pretty tolerant of noisy children. I know what it feels like to have a bored child and feel completely out of control while in public. It's not easy. The last thing you need are rolling eyes and aggravated teeth sucking. So I just tried to read my book and pretend that this was nothing out of the ordinary.

But the screaming just didn't stop. It would slow down on occasion. So I glanced over and that's when I saw that this child wasn't just screaming, he was screaming at his mother, and hitting her repeatedly. He was slapping and punching her over and over again. This little (maybe 2 year old) shit was hitting his mom and yelling at her and she was doing NOTHING about it. She would try and hug him and he'd push her away. She'd shush him and he'd get louder and hit her again. All the while the dad sat ignoring his family with his arms crossed pretending to sleep... and on occasion, look over at his family, and close his eyes again.

Seriously, I thought Asian parents were known for beating their kids. Apparently in this family they got it backwards. I never wanted to punch a kid in the mouth so bad. When my kid decides that it's okay to scream and hit me repeatedly, that will be the same day that he feels the sting of my palm smack his tender white ass!

Seriously, how do you expect anyone to respect you if you can't even get your 2 year old to.

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Katherine said...

URGH.....I see that all the time once I hit the LES are on the F line. I don't get it, and it annoys the hell out of me. They are raising little boys who think it's okay to beat on a woman to get what they want. Lord help me if I ever turn out to be a weak parent like that. Just take my kids away and pull out my reproductive system!