Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reducing Clutter

Let me be honest, we have a lot of stuff. Our bookcase alone houses tons of books (mostly mine), collections of figurines, chess sets, candles, vases etc... but lets face it - why?

This doesn't mean I'm prepared to start getting rid of all these treasures, but it does mean I want to thin them out.

There are some items that were gifts and honestly, though the thought was nice, and the gesture is appreciated, they don't need to be displayed throughout our house. Those items (hello PR Key Chain holder) must hit the road to a salvation army where someone who may actually WANT the item can pick it up.

But one thing that NEVER occurred to me was display. I felt the need to display everything (except seasonal) items all year round. Buy why? There is no need. We can rotate. Our decor and even pictures can sit in nice bins in storage waiting to be brought out. They can be rotated keeping the room fresh. Why not!

So duh - if our parents didn't let us play with all our toys at once to avoid a big mess - why as adults do we try to.

Sorry Paul, that means the pumpkins are going into storage till fall ;)

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