Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recycled Paper Products

Recently we had run out of both toilet paper and paper towels. I think the last time we bought paper towel, we were still living in Manhattan over 3 years ago. We obviously use it sparingly. We tend to grab a rag or dish towel over a paper towel, but there are occasions when it's so gross, a paper towel just seems like the right move.

I stopped at CVS to purchase 2 rolls of TP just to get me through the next couple of weeks. I ended up grabbing the CVS brand 100% recycled earth essentials. The single wrapped packages were wrapped in recycled paper. I mean, it seemed like the right move, until I had to wipe my butt. Wowser was that stuff rough. But I used all 2 rolls to completion.

I needed more toilet paper and didn't want to go and grab the same rough stuff. So I grabbed a 4 pack of the Seventh Generation toilet paper. It's a little more expensive, but it's so much softer. Both is single ply, but for some reason, the texture makes a world of difference. This may be our new toilet paper of choice in addition to the family wipes which I'll be sewing up soon!

We needed some paper towels too, so I just went ahead and bought the seventh generation paper towels as well. I figured since their TP was good, there paper towels were probably just fine as well. We definitely need to get some more dish towels for out kitchen, but in the end, there are certain jobs that paper towel is just seems to make more sense.

Today I ran across this website that lists the recycled content %, Post Consumer % & Bleaching methods of the paper products many of us use every day. It explains the brands to look for and those to stay away from. I do not need a virgin tree to wipe my ass to later be flushed down the toilet and I don't plan on buying any of these virgin tree TP in the future.

So sorry Cotonelle & Charmin... you feel so soft and fluffy but you are on my DO NOT BUY list!

Same with you Klenex & Puffs... my nose will get by without you!

And Bounty, we'll miss you in our kitchen... well - no we probably won't!


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