Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things to Remember

This past weekend we had gone camping again in PA with the family. Good times were definitely had by all.... but a conversation in particular sticks out in my mind.

On our last night there it was getting dark and I sat next to K by the fire. He turned to me and we had this exchanged (as closely as I can remember):

K: do we really need to go home tomorrow?
Me: yes, Lauren has school tomorrow too
K: oh man! I was getting so attached. I got so attached to camping, you know? I feel sad. I feel like my insides are being ripped apart.
Me: Wow, K, you are super dramatic.
K: Yeah, it's like there is a rain cloud in my heart.

This sent me into fits of laughter.

A while later he had found a large log for the fire. Paul later put it in. A joked that when K sees Harold the log in the fire, K will be really sad. He may even have thunder in his rain cloud. K came by overhearing and said, "Oh man, Harold is burning. Now I have thunder and lighting and a tsunami in my heart. The Rainbows and unicorns are gone."

K found an even bigger log and Paul brought it over and began burning it. It burned through the night. A named it Fat Larry (cousin to Harold?). These kids are seriously hilarious.

In the morning I tried to ease K's grief by telling him that Paul and I were sleeping over his house for a night. We then had this exchange:
K: Now the unicorns are dancing but it's still raining (of course it is, we were still packing up to go home)
Me: So they are dancing in the rain?
K: No, they are dancing in one spot and it's raining in another spot next to it.

Kid's are seriously so smart and so clever. This conversation had me cracking up all day. I love them.

Sorry to Harrold and Fat Larry who are now ashes. No unicorns were harmed during this camping trip... but they did get a little wet in the rain.

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