Thursday, June 23, 2011

My New Cast Iron Obsession

I've been pretty cast iron obsessed. I've never had one and finally last fall Paul's Mom bought me a skillet as a thank you gift. She got me an Emril brand 12 inch skillet and boy is it HUGE. It came preseasoned but I've been seasoning it now and have used it quite a few times. My only complaint is the size. For the most part, it's just too big for daily use. I do love it though.

I decided that I want something smaller. Something to make dinners for 2 in. Something to make breakfast in. Something that is just perfect for our current family of dos.

I decided to look online and see what I find. To my amazement, the brand Lodge is where it's at. They have reasonable prices, and serious customers with brand loyalty. Now that's what I'm talking about! And you know what is even better - they sell it at walmart.

Anyway I found this 8 inch Lodge Skillet at walmart for only $10.97. Really? That is AMAZING! Can you say I'm buying this! And 8 inch would be perfect. I kinda want a 6 inch too. I think that I may start cooking exclusively in cast iron. Too bad they weigh so much... but hey it's a nice bicep workout!

I've also wanted a griddle for a long time. Lodge makes one of those too - a reversible one. One side for grilling and the other for a griddle. Pancakes, grilled chicken, mmmmm.

It's priced at $29.97 - not too shabby

And this right here is a enamel glazed cast iron dutch oven. I ... shoot even my grandma has wanted one forever. They usually cost a fortune but Lodge makes them for only $49.97. Can you say house warming gift? Just picture the roasts, the stews, the yummy goodness that you'd eat out of this thing!

Of course with all this comes my burned hands from constantly grabbing at the hot handles. I may need to invest in some oven mits haha!

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