Monday, March 16, 2009

Aquafina Laughs

Today I was asked by my mother "what's with the water bottle". It so happens to be my G-Talk icon. I told her the story and she couldn't quite understand. She thought I cut myself on the actual bottle.

I told her that that explanation would be too rational.

At this she said "You're weird"... yes my mother calls me weird and she does this often. Can you blame her?

In the end she asks just one thing of me... no not buy beverages in glass bottles as I may severe an artery and bleed to death. I promise her to only buy drinks in plastic child proof containers.

At this she simply says "Good!"

I think when I stop by her house tonight, I will be greeted with an old sippy cup on the diningroom table.I really think this may be the bottles way of saying "FUCK YOU, you stabbed me because YOU'RE STUPID!"

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