Friday, March 20, 2009


It's been quite a jam packed day of nothingness. I worked, I played, I loved.

Yesterday I booked a camping trip that I will be doing with my family. I'm really excited. It will be the kids, my mom and Paul. I want Lauren and Bryan to come but we shall see how the next few weeks play out between her head injury and her and my mom's drama.

We will be staying at a campsite that's lake side.... only a short walk from the beach and boat rental area. It has miles and miles of hiking trails and mountain biking trails. I cannot wait to hit some of these up. We can fish in the lake or streams... catch and release only I believe. And we are going to do a "non-white" water rafting trip... what my mom refers to as a "wet-water" rafting trip.

I'm really excited - I cannot wait to go. I wish it was NOW - if it was warm that is.

I still want to go on a "bigger" person trip with my friends... or even with just Paul. I guess we shall see what unfolds.

Today I met my mom and the kids for lunch since they were in the city... that was fun... it allowed me to procrastinate. Now there is only 1 more hour left of work - woohoo!

This weekend I'll be with some family ... can't go wrong with that.

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