Monday, March 23, 2009

Summer Hobbies?

Clearly upon meeting me your learn a few things... I'm 5'7, average weight, brown long hair, have a boyfriend, am an accountant, and I LOVE SNOWBOARDING.

I've realized that I have a real lack of summer hobbies. Many summer weekends are spent upstate at my mom's house... lounging in the backyard by the pool and eating bbq while hanging with the kids. Last summer, this didn't happen much. Maybe once or twice. My grandpa falling ill changed everything.

With this summer thus far drama free I'd like to start to explore some summer activities and hobbies. I love the outdoors - even on the cooler days of spring and fall so I've come up with a few...

While it is still mild out, I'd like to start riding my bike, weather that be on mountain biking trails in upstate new york, dune trails in long island, or forest park right by my house.

I've also been looking up some research on taking Kayaking lessons. Paul mentioned it and I think it would be a great adventure. Despite its timid look, its actually a dangerous and strenuous sport requiring some instruction and training (hence the lessons). I found a few places for lake, river, flat and ocean... I'm very interested and cannot wait to start this. Maybe one day you'll see my little old Malibu with a Kayak, Bike & snowboard rack on its roof!

Camping I've talked about in excess... I want to go on at least 2 trips... one is already booked and ready to go. I'd prefer 3 though. One with my family, one with my friends, and one with Paul.

Repelling... Jerry goes repelling and mountain climbing and I am intrigued. He said he'd take me to try it. I'm probably going to ask to try it at an indoor wall 1st. Apparently all I need is a harness and he will take care of the rest. I am very very excited for this.

All this on top of beach days, hikes upstate and weekend warrior road trips, will lead to an amazing summer... and I never thought I'd say this, but I cannot wait for it to begin. I'll miss you, snowboarding, but I'll be riding hard again next year.

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