Monday, March 9, 2009

My Boyfriend is Smarter than Your Boyfriend

Nany Nany Poo Poo!

So Paul indeed got into MIT Sloan School of Management and it is indeed bittersweet. It's a great school, ivy league all the way, it's prestigious, it's a great place for him to add onto the building blocks he's been piling on for his very successful future. I do believe that he will be and is already successful. However I'll miss him and it will be hard to do the long distance thing all over again.

Well he did it again - he was awarded the Dean's Fellowship which will cover 50% of his MBA tuition for the 2 years he will be there. I'm really happy and very proud of him.

So ... who woulda thought the man I always say has absolutely no common sense is a smarty pants ;)

Side note: If you are reading this, its because I like you. And if I like you, it means that when Paul does move to Cambridge come August, you will likely have to drink copious amounts of alcohol with me in order to morn his loss.


dawnoftheday said...

wow! Tell Paul I said congrats!!! How awesome! And how proud you must be of him :) And I will gladly drink obscene amountso f ebevs with you as well as date you on the regular for dinner! :)

Lilia said...

This makes me so unbelievably happy - you will definitely be my date for dinners and for the obscene amounts of alcohol! lets start early!