Monday, March 16, 2009

Sleepy eyes and drunken dreams

Friday night we drove up (we= me, Paul and Andy) to Jerry's house upstate for some snowboarding. We didn't arrive till close to 1:30AM and forgetting to change the clocks proceeded to drink and talk and laugh. We played drunken Jenga and Things and came up with answers like Herpes, Herpes Vagina Head, Paul is a real Man, Lilia is a real Woman, Anal Sex, Blow Jobs, Penis, and Jesus. Now think of the questions....

We went to bed at 4AM thinking it was 3 and then woke up and proceeded to board the whole next day. [I did my 1st jump... no I didn't land it]. Anthony met us at 5ish Saturday where we began to drink away our night again. We payed Jenga and Kings for a 2nd time and threw in a couple of rounds of moose. By the time it was all said and done, we were in bed by 12AM. Not 4AM but still late considering the preceding events.

During this over heated night of sleep I dreamed that Paul was at a soccer game and I stayed home.... bored I decided to ride my bike (see Akash, I do physical activity in my dreams) to my grandma's house. On the way I got a flat and not able to find one gas station that had an air pump resorted to walking to my grandma's house carrying my flat and useless 2 wheeler. I knew physical activity was just NOT for me. Upon the walk I run into Paul not dressed in his soccer garb but as if for a night out on the town. After asking what happened, he proceeded to tell me his game was canceled so he is going out to have drinks with them. Having received no phone call, I was a bit pissed and again picked up my useless bike and treaded on to my grandma's house. I then woke up to Paul saying it was 9AM... at which I responded... Why didn't you call me? Why are you such an asshole? You suck? Mind you... this was a DREAM! Yes, this is why Paul loves me :)

Last night my dream placed us on a bus going to the airport and when trying to get off my snowboard locker was no where to be found. I didn't forget it at the mountain, I didn't leave it on the road, it was just GONE. I yelled and I cried and I blamed Paul who was the last one to touch it. I freaked out saying that my 2 boards, boots, helmet, and snowboard cloths are ALL in there. I jumped back on the bus to search everywhere ... and the stupid bus driver started to drive away. I shrieked at the top of my lungs until he stopped... finally opening the doors and causing me to have to trek it back to my terminal. I woke up at this point... only to look at Paul and say... "I lost my snowboard."

Why can I never find the line between dreams and reality during those 1st moments of being awake?

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