Thursday, June 11, 2009

Camping Romance?

So... I love camping - a lot! Two trips are already planned... one already happened. My birthday camping trip which was a mild success - basically all went well except my Tooth problems and ER visit. In 2 weeks, we'll be going on our 11 person family trip with the kids. It will be similar to my birthday except in PA at a Family Friendly DRY campsite. And the rafting trip will be guided - safety 1st when Mr. Kyle and Miss. Amanda are in tow.

Now I'm setting my trip planning energy into a Romantic camping trip for 2. Oh how excited I am. I've been pestering Paul to do a date-like camping get away with me for quite some time. I've thrown around ideas and places and he can't seem to make up his mind or give it any attention. This is okay by me - I don't mind doing the leg work - as long as it happens!

I've mentioned going back to our secluded site at Kittatinny - right on the Delaware river. Maybe some Kayaking during the day and some romantic fire pit roasting, eating, and smooching at night. What better way for two nature loving people to show their love not just to mother earth but each other?

I've also thrown the idea of doing Fire Island. I've gone before as a child and loved it - however there are some down sides. They are rules rules rules and more rules. Many of the rules aren't bad - they are actually good - its all about preserving nature and its natural vegetation - can't argue with that. Basically all the sites are sandy - and well, I'm cool with that. It's on the island but not on the beach. They are semi secluded - there are no trees but many beachy shrubs (still watch out for poison ivy). The part that disappoints me is that they don't allow camp fires - not even in a fire ring. They provide a BBQ grill at each camp site and you can only use charcoal. Which is fine for cooking but how about snuggling up near the camp fire and making smores (Paul doesn't like them anyway). The advantages of being at Fire Island are that you spend all day at the beach and there are tons of trails to explore! Not to mention the boats, docks, and ocean breeze.
Romance in a Tent

So we shall see where we end up. In two weeks we will head out to Jim Thorpe, PA to camp out at Maunch Chunck Lake. Maybe we will want to revisit there?

Either way - I am sure we will have a great time together.

I envision
early mornings
cozy breakfasts
morning walks
quick easy lunches
long meaningful conversations
many hugs and kisses
excessive cuddling
clean deep breaths
green green green
hearty dinners
cozy fires
and romantic nights

A Wood and Speratus fire we made up at Jerry's Upstate House

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