Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me? in June?

Just an update - Lori and I had a great night on Friday. Dinner was to die for! We ate pound after pound of the perfectly cooked succulent shell fish... stuffed ourselves to the point of excess... and proceeded to have a mud pie for desert! Followed up some aimless driving, adventure, friends, drinks, and nice weather. I couldn't have asked for more.

The next day I spent shopping with my grandma (dress shopping for the wedding ... Lauren's not mine) and then exchanged my too small bridesmaid dress.

After a shower and some refreshing, I was back on my way to her house to meet my 2 cousins and Uncle to have a father's day dinner in my Grandpa's honor ... at the SAME restaurant Lori and I were at the night before.

And we out did ourselves - ordering 3 platters for 2 of 3 different varieties and 2 appetizers. We again ordered a mud pie and were stuffed to oblivion.

Sensing my grandma's loneliness regarding this particular father's day, I decided to sleep over. The next day we had breakfast with Lauren and Bryan... went to Church, went to the cometary, again went dress shopping and had a nice BBQ at my other Uncle's house. Fun was had by all.

Yea my other Uncle didn't come to any events and didn't bother to speak to my Grandma because he is immature... jealous... self centered - but we moved on. Yeah My mom didn't call, answer calls, show up, or even act as if the day was important to her - but we moved on. And I'm grateful to the family I have who can move forward... positive... loving... loved

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