Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Double Dates

Today is a full day. I headed in to work knowing that I had a busy morning and it was... but it was okay. At about 10, I had to run to 33rd Street to see my Periodontist... he had to remove stitches and check my mouth. All was well and I was on my way back to work. I got a few things done and then Lauren came.

We were supposed to meet at 12 to have some Indian food but she was running late so we grabbed Chipotle and ate in my office quickly and then ran upstairs for the screening of the 1st to Episodes of of Hung. It was pretty funny, I don't see it surviving for a long time as a series but it definitely had it's funny moments.
Tonight is girls night with some of the TMLA girls. Its been a long time coming getting our schedules and medical ailments to coincide enough to finally get together. Dawn, Alison, Kim and I will be meeting at the 5 Burros Cafe in Forest Hills for some Mexican grub and margaritas. I am sure laughs will be had by all. I definitely need to detox but that won't be happening tonight. Maybe the diets will start tomorrow. And my drinking hiatus might need to start happening as well.

So basically I got to have a lunch date with my sister... a show... and tonight a dinner date with my girls. I definitely can't complain. I'm blessed - and I'm happy... I don't say that as often as I should. Oh did I mention - Paul is going to see his mom tonight ... I don't have to go obviously but its a nice treat for the both of us. He does value his mommy and me time.

So this busy week ahead as started off with a bang.

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