Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PR Weekend

So this weekend I'm off to Puerto Rico. Our flight leaves early Friday morning allowing us to have a few hours in San Juan before we have to pick up Andy and head to Mayaguez (Paul's Dad's home town).

So some things I'm worried about - I don't know what to bring. I don't know what we'll be doing. I don't want to over/under pack. My source of information is coming from 2 boys and their dad - I mean really, their advice about what to pack consists of ... umm shorts, bathingsuit?
Useless I tell you!

Concern #2 - I feel fat. I'm worried I'll look as fat as I feel!

Concern #3 - I don't know anyone- and I'm meeting his paternal side for the 1st time - 1st impressions on both fronts.

Concern #4 - Again none of them speak English - apparently its even worse than Argentina. So basically I may not be able to communicate

But the plus side - its only 4 days - I can survive anything for 4 days

So I hope it all goes well, I hope that we all have fun, I hope I eat lots of food - and I hope everyone likes me and I hope I like them

While there - we are planning on going to a beach on Saturday. Paul told me that you take a little boat out into the ocean and about a mile from the beach is a reef and sandy area that people set up tables and have picnics and play dominoes at. Also young boys dive for live oysters and sell them on the beach - can't get fresher than that.

After that, Paul is supposed to make an asado - a little Argentine flavor in Puerto Rico I suppose. I was hopping to have more Puerto Rican local foods.

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