Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbye Kipling

The night before PR - I began to pack my things. As usual for any trip 1 week or shorter, I usually bring my carry on sized Kipling. I love that bag. I've had it since my early H.S. years and it's traveled with me to Europe, the Middle East, Cruises, the Caribbeans, Canada, and all throughout the United States. Once my things were in the bag, I went to close the zipper when it popped off in my hand. It looks like my bag is dead. It was 12 years old but used often and often packed to capacity. I loved that bag so much.

My larger suitcase and garment bag are both Signature, but I never got the carry one size - after all, I had my Kipling.

It looks like now I can complete my set - but - I cant find it.

Anyway - it was like closing a chapter in my traveling life... lets see where my next suitcase takes me :) Maybe Croatia, maybe Italy, maybe Costa Rica, or who knows maybe just a trip up the West Coast. I'd be greateful for all and any that I'm lucky enough to go to.

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