Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tooth Update!

So rather than the 32 teeth most adult human beings have I now have 27. Having had my wisdom teeth removed many years ago, I was left with 28 remaining teeth and 8 molars. Now on my upper left side, I only have 1 molar.

I went to the periodontist yesterday who shot me up with extra doses of anesthesia and began pulling, tugging, angling, and pushing until my crown and then later my tooth were removed. My molar was HUGE. Despite having had a piece broken off years ago, it still seemed massive. Now that area of my bone and gum must heal for 3-4 months until there is enough tissue for an implant.

This has been one horrible dental experience but I'm happy the worst is done - though, I hear implants are very painful. Not to mention all this will be very costly.

Now I'm missing #'s 1,15,16,17 & 32 - hopefully I'll keep the rest for many years to come


melissa. said...

teeth freak me out. actually, this year, i maxed out my dental insurance in FOUR months! jeesh. i hope these pearly whites stay healthy for another year!

Lilia said...

Yikes thats worse than me! Good luck - hopefully you will be A - OK from here on out!