Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight = City Island Date Night

Tonight is a Lilia and Lori date night.

In DR we had told some locals we were lesbians. It was almost to protect ourselves more than anything else. We were two women traveling alone and hoping to avoid any unnecessary and uncomfortable situations with men whenever possible. One local trying to sell para sailing decided he thought we were the greatest women on the beach and despite that it was flattering, we needed something to deter his attention. It backfired. We told him we were lesbians. This instead intrigued him. We told him that we go around trying to promote "legalize love". We even went further to tell him that we were legalizing love one island at a time. Obviously equal rights is no joke and I stand behind love between all people 100% (so I hope no one is offended that we used this to our own "advantages").

Anyway, I find it funny that tonight's date night will again be just the two of us, and yet at another island. No it's not an exotic island... and no it's not even far away, but like we said then... one island at a time.

I'm excited for our laughs, conversation, people watching, but most of all, I've very excited about the food!

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dawnoftheday said...

HAHAHHAa I love it! And I really need to get to City Island I have never been! Enjoy your date night :)