Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Did you know what a periodontist was? I didn't - and for good reason, my periodontium were healthy! Well now they aren't.

Yesterday I went to the periodontist for the 1st time. He was a very soft spoken, gentle Chinese man. He came highly recommended by my dentist who I consider a wonder dentist. She is not just my dentist, but also my friend.

Anyway, after some poking, prodding, and x-rays, he came to the conclusion that my tooth under the crown is fractured. That my crown was made too large and too high. He also decided the post used was too large and that my root canal was done haphazardly. So much for my old dentist and endodontist. I will continue to praise my old oral surgeon though, the one who did my 4 wisdom tooth extraction was great.

Anyway, do to all of the above, my tooth underwent some trauma along with the surrounding tissue and gums. My infection went from tooth to gum to sinus to lymph node. The tooth now needs to come out to allow healing and once that occurs (3-4 months), I'll need to get an implant. How ridiculous!

So it looks like it will be extracted - and in pieces no less... but I'm flying to Puerto Rico in 2 days and he's afraid that a blood clot will burst in the pressure and I'll begin to bleed on the plane (eww). So it's postponed till next week.


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