Monday, January 24, 2011

A Doer

I think we all talk more than we act. I believe it's a combination of human nature and timing. We have many idle hours (sitting at work, home, or otherwise) where our minds wander and our mouths move mouthing words that depict our many goals, wants and ambitions... but very very few of us ever carve out the time in our very busy schedules to act upon them.

I am surrounded by talkers... and occasionally, I'm a talker. But ... I realize more and more that I have taken life by the horns and have become more doer than most. I say I'm going to do something... and I begin to research (called 411 for a reason), I begin to plan it out, and then I begin to execute which is where many fall short.

So many friends and family have tons of excuses, the 2 most popular being no money and no time. But when will the money get into your bank account? Likely never. Does that mean you'll never realize your goals? I'm sure there is a way. No time? I think that there is always time. If you have time to sit home contemplating new goals you'll never accomplish... the least you can do is use that time to realize 1 or 2.

I think I have an adventurous personality. I like to do things that require a lot of activity. I'm not thy lay out on the beach type so I know sometimes it's hard to round up enough troops to find people to do things with... but that's okay. I've had so many goals recently and I've been accomplishing them 1 by 1.

I'm lucky because of that. I've traveled to many many countries... countless states, skied many mountains, tried white water kayaking and fell in love, ensure annual camping trips still exist, make time for family and manage to fit in friends... and the best part is... I don't watch people live around me but live right along with them... and when I see them idle... try and drag them along.

I have a bunch more things ... running out of my mouth lately... Argentina for the Copa America, Moving out west, Buying a house, having kids, taking a tropical vacation... lets see how many of those goals I can realize this year! 2011 ... I will make you my bitch!

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