Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Utah - Travel Nightmare

So after last year... I should have known. I should have known that when they say the weather is going to be horrendous in NYC... and that they are waiving all changing flight fees... that you should change your flight... and get out of the city as fast as you can.

But, we didn't do that. We thought the best and remained confident that our flight would just be delayed... but once I woke up, I checked... just in case. And our flight that wasn't for another 13 hours was already canceled. I immediately called Jet Blue and we were on a flight to long beach, CA and then from there to Reno... for a 6 hour drive to SLC. Yikes! Well, after hanging up frustrated, I checked online and saw there was a flight from Long Beach to SLC.... we rushed to pack and get to the airport where I begged them to put us from Long Beach to SLC. They did. We arrived before our intended arrival time, waited for Andy and headed to the rental car booth.

We were being asked repeatedly to upgrade to a truck... and our cheapness kept us from agreeing no matter how low we'd make the price. The attendant apparently took a liking to us because as we were leaving he said "don't say I never gave you anything." We thought he was being sarcastic... but a huge Yukon was waiting for us. It was the 1st ski trip where I didn't need to contort over 3 board bags in the back seat! We even had room for 1 more!

We picked up Paul's buddy and headed to the hotel in SLC. Our temporary home for an evening.

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