Monday, January 24, 2011

Sad Really...

It's sad when you think back to the people you have surrounded yourself with, confided in, asked advice of and realize that they are so self absorbed and concerned only of their own interest that really... you should never have been bothered with their small existence at all.

Really, asking someone who is living so poorly in family, finances, friends and love.. really shouldn't be the person you go to for advice. As a matter of fact, many of their comments are so fueled by bitterness and jealousy, you can't even take it seriously. At least you shouldn't. Those comments... none the less... hurt.

I've come to realize that communication in pretty words doesn't change the ugly in their meaning. I realize that smiling while spewing insult doesn't make them compliments. And I realize that much of that ugly... is because of their insecurity... and when that person seems to constantly feel the need to defend that insecurity... it means you hit the nail on the head.

But ... I shouldn't feel so bitter. Because my life is amazing. I have a wonderful job, money in the bank, love in my heart, family who ... well love me more than most, and though I don't have a huge cache of friends... I do have a few I'd trust with my heart and soul. So why feel upset? Why feel bitter? I mean... hurt will always hurt... but really, my life... it's looking up. And has been since the day I was born... I worked hard for that... and I'm happy to say... I'm succeeding!

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