Saturday, January 29, 2011

Riding Log: Day 12 (Park City)

Today was a little rough for me. Last night a lot of wine, beer and Hennesy was in the system... and it seems like it still is. That and having menstrual cramps definitely sucks.

We rode in the wicked hot sun all night and were just really pushing through trying to get a little bit of everything. We hit Jupiter, we hit Pioneer, we hit basically everything we hadn't hit in the last 2 days and then hit more of the same. It was hard on my body... and I decided I wanted to call it a day early, but somehow, Andy got me to stick it out.

We ended up in the park where I took the 1st jump in the 4 jump line and the 1st box in the 3 box series. It didn't look pretty but I tried again... much the same. On the 3rd go around, I managed the courage to try the 1st 2 (as Paul watched) and the 1st box again... 50/50 only. But on the 4th Andy gave me some pointers on starting my jumps low, popping off and landing soft in the knees. I got the 1st part right and worked up the guts to do all 4 jumps and landed each one. Not all were clean or pretty but the courage to try was there.

After that my legs were jello and we all said we'd ride down to the bottom. That was a rough run but we got through it and were home bound for some Pasta... it was our last night and I really needed carbs!

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