Sunday, January 9, 2011

Riding Log: Day 4 (Breckenridge)

So the wedding is over and riding has begun… and it kinda sucked.

We are in CO and still have obligations (saying bye to family) so we had a late start. In addition, my mother caused some unnecessary drama for the family. That said, we started the day at 12. The kids only lasted a few runs before their frozen fingers and empty stomachs said we needed to stop for lunch… but before lunch, Paul to K & Allie to the tress… which gave me a small heart attach… but they did amazing. We ran into my friend Will who stopped in to say hi. We did a few fast laps and a few noob runs with the rest.

I ended up taking the kids in for food while Paul stayed out with the boys. I wish he… or someone woulda stayed to help me. I mean, it was my 1st day married and I was stuck baby sitting. But hey… that’s my life. Always the dutiful one, I managed to feed the kids. A was feeling down so I took Allie and K back out for some tree runs… and again K had his 2nd melt down of the day. Which had me about ready to melt when I heard his asthma attack coming on full force in the middle of the run.

Ugh it wasn’t pretty. After obliging my mom with what she needed to hear… Paul and I again went our own ways to my dismay. Him to do dinner with his fam and me to do dinner with mine…. He eventually made it to the bar… where I begrudgingly met him (I kinda wanted to go together after a regroup from the stressful day I had).
In any event… the day wasn’t really considered a good riding day for me. More like a baby sitting day… filled with tears, hugs, food buying and stress… but alas… I think everyone else had a blast!

I fought to go to Vail tomorrow… but they didn’t listen. Oh well they be sorry!

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