Friday, January 14, 2011

Riding Log: Day 8 (Vail)

Our last day riding... we chose Vail. It's the biggest and the best and we love it!

We got there pretty early and immediately got into our gear and headed to the bowls. I wanted some warm up runs... but Paul protested. He knew it was our last day and he wanted to get the most out of it... well ... if he wanted that, he should have given me my warm up runs. Instead the catracks kicked my butt and hurt my already injured groin... especially when I got stuck and had to skate.

I must admit though... the terrain was endless... it was beautiful... it was cold, but sunny. It was glorious.

We rode till lunch when I needed to stop and warm up and fuel up. Paul met me and we shared a burger before heading back to the bowls... but not long into it... I felt it. My body was giving up. My groin was screaming in pain and my legs felt tired and my muscles were in protest. Paul reluctantly obliged and good thing too... because we got to the bunny hill in East Vail will enough light to photograph me riding in my snowboard dress!

Since we got in early, we opted for some drinks in the hot tub and then showered up and headed to Whaletail. It was not a great restaurant... we hardly finished our food... but it was a nice night. We thought we'd be wide awake all night because of the early end to our day... but nope... we were tuckered out and passed out early... on our very last night in CO. What a shame.

At least we know we have a life time of both early and late nights... not just in CO but anywhere we desire!

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