Sunday, January 16, 2011

Riding Log: Day 9 (Thunder Ridge)

I didn't even want to count this day as a riding day - but oh... oh it is. Because my brother and sister are basically amazing. After hearing they never leave the bunny hill... and that my bro doesnt even hit the lift - we decided to see how they were doing. Well I was pretty amazed that their edge control, though wobbly was good. They knew how to stop and just needed help linking their turns. After 2 or 3 tries on the bunny hill... they were good to go! They were linking turns like chaps and K was doing particularly good hopping out of bad situations.

Well soon after we were on the greens and doing linked turns the whole way down. I was one proud big sis. Jomel & Paul were with me and the 3 of us acted like snowboard coaches spewing encouragement and clapping hands... as well as guiding them down. It was a pretty awesome day. And I was surrounded buy MOST of my favorite people.

My groin muscle started to act up and I called it a day about an hour early but no worries... the rest stayed out till the end!

I love my family... and I love my snow... I love that they do too!

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