Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Riding Log: Day 7 (Breckenridge)

It was our friends last day in town so we decided to keep it easy at Breck. The morning started out with some box head runs on the greens... and unfortunately Paul and I had a bickering match. I know I know... only married a few days and already pissed at each other.

Anyways... Andy worked his magic on me and convinced me to come back out for the rest of the day... and said that he was glad I did a few times... because as always we have a great time riding together. He's truly my favorite riding buddy.

We headed way up to the peak (12,840 feet above sea level) for some mask pictures... it was freezing!!!! And then rode the bowl down... until we had jello legs. We ran into our group for lunch and got our grub on at the bottom of Peak 8. Soon after we hot lapped peak and and headed back to 9 for some park laps. I took some pics but decided I was tired and done for the day. I handed my camera to Andy and Eric who continued to take pictures for a few more runs... they met Jerry, Nelson, Me, Car & Bonnie back at the bar where we got a few pitchers... and called it a night at the hill.

After getting dressed and purdied up we headed to a restaurant Relish for some fabulous eats on their last night in CO. Good times were definitely had by all and the food... MMMMMMMMM.

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