Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today we took a day off to rest our legs. Besides the last of our snowboard buddies flew out this morning. I for one was burnt out... we were thinking dog sledding and snowmobiling the same day... but the more action packed snowmobiling company didn't offer both. I of course wanted the more progressive class.

So we signed up... and I got to ride my own sled!

They picked us up at the hotel... we were late... but that's okay... we got there none the less. Our class was only 4 people as the rest of our truck load took the family session which is a bit more tame. We started out on a narrow path going slow and windy to get to the practice track... which scared me a bit. I decided I don't like going in a circle turning left at high speeds for fear of flipping over or running into my classmates... yes we were allowed to pass on the left, right or otherwise.

Soon after our instructor thought we handled well enough we headed out to the open bowls in the high terrain. He said we were at about 12K feet. Pretty gnarly! We started out just going fast on these up and down tracked out paths through endless white. Then we were making turns, going up steep paths and back down... circling some turns and found ourselves in the bowls where we climbed the wall faces a few times to circle back down. It was just scary enough to be exciting but still feel safe! It was a great experience and I noticeably enjoyed the speed. I also seemed to like to tailgate. What can I say... I drive like a NYer!

Check out the pics - they are amazing!

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