Monday, January 10, 2011

Riding Log: Day 5 (Breckenridge)

Day 2 was a no noob day. It started off slowly with more family goodbyes. We were on the hill by around 10 and definitely made some turn son the moguls. Eric had twisted his ankle the day before so we were minus him + Car who isn’t as strong a rider. We tested ourselves on some moguls on peak 9 @ breck. I was on my Rome Blue and boy was I not loving it. I immediately opted to strap into Paul’s evo and let my blue sit in the locker all day. It was probably a bad choice… letting myself feel defeated after only 1 run, but it was really my 1st day and I wanted to keep up. Car was borrowing my SMF and well… I did what I did.
We headed to peak 8 to hit the bowl… but we had some complications when Car took too long, and we made her head back to peak 9 for lighter terrain… then Andy dropped a glove that took most of the day to find. It ended up just Jerry and I.
We rode the bowl to base twice… it was freezing and our legs felt like jello. We’d literally stop after a few trails just to give our quads a quick 45 second break before continuing on. We kept on and finally caught back up with Andy and Paul who … found his glove.
But… at that point… the day was close to done. A few more runs on peak 9 … pictures of the boys in the park… and I needed to quit… so Jerry & I headed to the bar where we grabbed a pitcher with Bonnie and waiting for the rest of the troops to arrive.
The most memorable part of the day was definitely the sphincter puckering steeps and endless bowls coupled with harsh winds, insane temperatures, and endless sees of white due to white out conditions. But we concurred it!

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