Thursday, January 27, 2011

Riding Log: Day 10 (Park City)

So we woke up early, got dressed, grabbed breakfast and headed from SLC to Park City. We met the organizer (R) at Legacy Lodge at the base, grabbed our lift tickets, and headed to the hill. It ended up being Paul, Andy, Me and Paul's Buddy (J). We had a blast. We hit the trees all morning long. PC had gotten snow the day before and freshies were still to be found in the trees. You'd think MIT rented out the whole mountain it was so empty! It was a great morning. We headed back down to Legacy for lunch where we met a few more students. Then we did the afternoon with R & AMac (more students). They were skiers but amazingly good. It was hard for me to keep up with them all. I know J was struggling too but he had a reckless way about his riding where he charged hard no matter what knowing he'd eat it. I need more of that fearlessness myself.

All in all, my legs were sore, I was tired, I did hard runs and I had a blast!

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