Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back from DR

I'm back from DR and I suppose there about 1000 stories I can tell... all of which will make you laugh... or confuse you as you'd have to be there.

Some key words:
Sexy Face
Small Penis
No Toque
Mama Juana
etc etc etc....

The people in DR were very nice. The people who worked at the actual resort were too nice for words... similar to those on cruise ships and other all inclusive places... their livelihood is in the tips... and they worked hard for theirs.

The men there have no shame about coming on to a woman... it might be the culture... not of DR but maybe of such a touristy spot.

I'm tired and I'm glad I'm home.

I'd like to fly to Costa Rica next... if not, maybe Peru... yes I know they are completely different.

Being away made me realize how much I love Paul... I missed him each and every day. I now dread his move to Boston more than ever. We will be okay... but I want to be better than okay. I will settle for okay.

I realized that you sacrifice sometimes... and sometimes you cannot. So sometimes I do and sometimes I do not.

I realize that there are good people and bad people everywhere... and that you cannot escape racism.

I was pleased to realize I know more Spanish than I realized... if only I could speak it more often.

I don't eat as much as I used to.

I saw that average and thick girls got hit on more than the skinny fit ones... and it wasn't because they were intimidating but actually less attractive to some... interesting.

I found that saying please and thank you in ANY language gets you far in life.

Respect humanity.

I learned that American Airlines will continue to fuck me over.

I found my necklace... the one Paul bought me long ago to represent our future together... I almost cried as I thought it was lost during the move to Queens ... and then I lost it in DR.

The trip made me happy and relaxed... and made me very depressed all at once. And... I don't know why.

I'm still tired.

Just uploaded some pics so why not....

Me the Bridge at the main pool

Lori on the Bridge at the main pool

Our last night... posing for some pics before we leave the next day

At Club Mangu celebrating Lori's 26th

Dancing... and being our psuedo lesbian selves!

A Birthday pic before our Brazilian steakhouse dinner

Horseback on the beach (Lori's 1st time... and boy was she freaking)

Posing where the river meets the ocean

A table of fruits and veggies at a local typical house

Lori outside the house

A picture with our flowers on our balcony

A picture with our flowers on our balcony

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